DarkDarkerYet Darker
An AU Undertale RP
What if Frisk never left the ruins?
This is an AU Undertale RP that focuses on the darker side of the game, where the underground's time line keeps resetting and everything is in disarray.

We offer an open-minded mature community with no word count, Jcink premium and welcome both canons and original characters!

Only the fearless may proceed.
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You called for help but nobody came.
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It's officially time to close Dark, Darker, Yet Darker. It's been a fun ride, but this site has come to a slow but painful death, and the sole admin does not have time to run the site anymore. If you still wish for an undertale like site, I imagine going to look at Infinite Loop (infiniteloop.boards.net) or on different panfandom sites that allow Undertale.
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